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State of the Art Dental Care in Northridge with Soft Tissue Diode Lasers

Even though they have been FDA-approved for over 20 years, many dentists are unaware of the many beneficial roles lasers can play in dental care. At Sterling Smile Dental in Northridge, we employ a soft tissue diode laser for a variety of treatments that require the removal of soft tissue in a safe, comfortable, effective and painless manner. Learn more about the use of the diode laser in dentistry below, and schedule an appointment at Sterling Smile Dental to discuss appropriate treatment options for your optimal oral health and learn more about laser dental care.

Lasers are Safe

Several recent studies have been conducted which report on the overall safety of using diode lasers, which have been approved as safe and effective by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for more than 20 years. Several studies have documented the germ-killing and cleansing effects of diode lasers, as well as their ability to reduce pain, promote healing and stimulate an anti-inflammatory response in patients. When used in conjunction with periodontal therapy, diode lasers help to decrease gum bleeding, pocket depth and postoperative pain.

Lasers are Precise

Lasers are carried through fiber optic cables and exit through the tips of the fibers, which are so thin their diameter is measured in millionths of a meter. This precision results in far less damage to surrounding tissue compared to electrosurgery or other methods. Additionally, the use of electrosurgical instruments is not recommended for certain patients, including those with pacemakers or when the instrument is used next to metal restorations. Diode lasers are minimally invasive and can precisely target the diseased area.

Lasers Help with Pocket Disinfection

Diode lasers have been shown to offer distinct advantages in decreasing the bacterial population in periodontal pockets. Lasers encourage the development of a coagulated layer over the pocket, which serves as a protective barrier against bacterial invasion. Laser devices minimize the risk of bacteria entering the bloodstream and spreading throughout the body, and they are also effective in removing toxins from the root surface.

Lasers Cause Only a Minimum Amount of Bleeding

Inflamed tissues bleed easily and can hamper impression and bonding techniques. Diode lasers can overcome these problems. Coagulation is virtually complete during treatment, with almost no postoperative bleeding. Minimum gum or gingival bleeding within the soft tissue at the site of laser contact is an important benefit to consider when incorporating the diode laser into nonsurgical periodontal treatment.

Lasers Aid in Pocket Reduction

Long-term studies confirm that diode lasers are effective in gingival pocket reduction when used along with periodontal treatment. The use of the laser results in a shallower pocket than other techniques. Diode lasers also have a bio-stimulatory effect due to increased circulation in the area being treated.

Lasers Lead to Faster Healing

Traditional surgical procedures can be accompanied by bleeding, pain and swelling, along with the potential for post-operative infection. Diode lasers inhibit inflammation and do not trigger an inflammatory response as surgical procedures do. Recovery times are therefore reduced due to the enhanced wound healing provided by use of the laser.

Lasers are Comfortable

Laser surgery can often be performed painlessly with the aid of topical anesthetics or a minimum amount of local anesthetic. Many debilitating mouth sores can be rendered pain free in a matter of minutes through diode laser treatment without ever contacting the sensitive tissue. Patients receiving laser-assisted scaling or surgery report less sensitivity during treatment and less post-operative pain compared to conventional methods of treatment. The use of lasers can make a significant difference by providing more comfortable dental treatment for patients.

Get the Latest in Dental Care & Treatment from Your Skilled and Caring Northridge Dentist

To learn more about the benefits of lasers in your periodontal treatment, or for assistance with any aspect of dental care and hygiene, call Sterling Smile Dental at 818-885-7117 to schedule your appointment with a skilled and knowledgeable Northridge dentist.

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