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Northridge Dental Services – Tooth Extraction

Skilled and professional tooth extraction

Regular dental checkups and daily maintenance can keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime, but even when teeth are carefully maintained, there can come a time when what’s best for the patient is for teeth to be removed. If you believe you may need to undergo a tooth extraction, contact a skilled and gentle Northridge dentist at Sterling Smile Dental Care for a consultation.

Why might a tooth need to be removed?

When teeth are too damaged to be repaired with a filling or crown, patients may need a tooth to be extracted if it suffers extensive decay, or if it is broken in an accident. Other common reasons for tooth extraction include:

  • Extraction of wisdom teeth
  • Tooth extraction prior to receiving orthodontic treatment, such as braces
  • Tooth removal during radiation treatments
  • Removal of teeth that block tooth growth
  • Removal of an infected tooth during cancer treatments or after an organ transplant

Knowledgeable and gentle dental care in San Fernando Valley

Many patients fear the process of tooth extraction, assuming it will be a stressful and painful process. When receiving treatment from a gentle, skilled professional, patients need not fear this experience. At the San Fernando dental offices of Sterling Smile Dental Care, our dentists go to great lengths to ensure our patients are comfortable and at ease prior to and during a procedure. We’ll make sure you understand the tooth removal process and that you are pain-free throughout the procedure. Our San Fernando Valley dentists are able to provide caring and comforting treatment to even the most fearful of patients.

Preparing for and conducting a tooth extraction

In the days and hours before a tooth extraction, you’ll need to take steps to prepare for the extraction. Patients with a weakened immune system or infection may need to take antibiotics before a procedure. Others may simply need to fast for several hours before the procedure. Depending on the reason for and type of extraction indicated, as well as the patient’s own comfort level, patients may receive either local anesthetic or general anesthesia during the procedure.

Simple extractions can be performed without the help of an oral surgeon by lifting the tooth from the jaw with a tool known as an elevator. Surgical extractions may be necessary when a tooth has suffered great damage or is not yet visible above the gum line, and may require incisions and removal of bone near the tooth. In either case, the Northridge dentists at Sterling Smile Dental Care are prepared to provide professional, experienced care for your tooth extraction.

Call Sterling Smile Dental Care for a Dentist in the San Fernando Valley

Get the dental care you need in a comfortable environment at Northridge’s Sterling Smile Dental Care. To arrange an appointment, contact our San Fernando Valley offices at 818-885-7117.

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