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Protect Your Teeth with Night guards

The stresses of daily life can manifest themselves in physical symptoms in many different ways. One very common symptom of tension is bruxism, or teeth grinding. Bruxism can have harmful effects on the teeth and jaw, and it often takes the help of a skilled dentist to treat this condition.

Using a custom-fitted night guard created by a professional is widely recognized to be one of the most successful treatment options for nighttime tooth grinding. At Sterling Smile Dental, we create customized, long-lasting night guards for our patients using impressions taken in our Northridge offices. This ensures that each patient is fitted with a night guard based on their unique jaw size and shape, using materials that can stand up to even vigorous tooth grinding. Learn more about night guards below, and contact our San Fernando Valley offices today for a consultation on getting your own custom-fit night guard.

Bruxism: how do I know if I do it?

You might be wondering how someone can tell if they’re grinding their teeth in their sleep. After all, how can you tell if you’re only doing it when you’re not conscious? In fact, there are many symptoms that you and the dental professionals at Sterling Smile Dental can look for to determine if you grind your teeth in your sleep. These can include:

  • Chips in your tooth enamel
  • Damage to teeth, crowns, or fillings
  • Portions of your teeth that have been worn smooth from grinding
  • Dull headaches
  • Jaw tightness, joint pain, or difficulty chewing

Why should I have a dentist create a night guard for me?

Many patients are able to eliminate bruxism by wearing a night guard. You may have heard that you can buy a night guard from the drugstore, where you’ll even find kits that allow you to shape an existing night guard to your own jaw using a microwave or hot water. However, many of these over-the-counter night guards use soft, rubbery materials that encourage, rather than discourage, grinding and chewing. Additionally, while these night guards might be formed to your teeth, they’ll never be a precise match for your own jaw shape and size.

At Sterling Smile Dental, we’ll use detailed impressions of your teeth to create a night guard out of long-lasting acrylic plastic. These harder materials protect your tooth enamel from the effects of grinding and will help you to break the habit of tooth grinding. Don’t let nighttime tension result in you damaging your teeth and causing yourself jaw pain.  Eliminate this dangerous habit by having the skilled, gentle dental professionals at Sterling Smile Dental make a custom night guard for you.

Contact us today to make an appointment for a consultation on creating a night guard for you by contacting the Northridge offices of Sterling Smile Dental at 818-885-7117.

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